Featured image showing a photo collage of Sierra Senior Services Meals on Wheels volunteers, staff, community partners, and participants with a word bubble "Thankful for you!"

We Give Thanks! How Our Community Comes Together with Meals on Wheels to Nourish Seniors

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s a time for reflection and gratitude, celebrating the spirit of giving and compassion. In this season of appreciation, it’s important to recognize the incredible impact that our community in conjunction with Meals on Wheels brings to our local seniors. Through the invaluable support from volunteers, generous contributions, dedicated staff, a talented chef, and the broader community, Sierra Senior Services – Meals on Wheels continues to nourish and care for seniors, making a significant difference in their lives.

Volunteer Power

Sierra Senior Services, the official local partner of Meals on Wheels relies on the unwavering commitment of its volunteers, who selflessly contribute their time and energy to deliver meals to seniors. These compassionate individuals, often the highlight of a senior’s day, bring a sense of companionship, warmth, and care along with their nutritional meals. Sierra Senior Services is incredibly grateful for their selflessness and dedication to improving the lives of seniors in Truckee and beyond. Volunteer with Sierra Senior Services

Generous Contributions

Financial contributions play a vital role in sustaining and expanding the Meals on Wheels service. Sierra Senior Services expresses sincere gratitude to all those who have generously contributed, enabling them to serve more seniors and ensure no one goes hungry. These contributions empower the organization to continuously enhance the quality of meals, provide essential supplies, and improve logistics and operations. Contribute Today

Trusted Partners

Sierra Senior Services extends its heartfelt appreciation and thanks to our Trusted Partners who have been instrumental in supporting our mission as the local Meals on Wheels provider. Through their unwavering commitment and generous contributions, our Trusted Partners have played a crucial role in ensuring that our beloved seniors receive nutritious meals, companionship, and essential support. Become a Partner

Committed Board

Thank you, Board of Directors of Sierra Senior Services, for your continuous efforts in making a positive difference in the lives of our cherished seniors. Your commitment inspires us, and we are honored to have such an incredible organization serving our community. Each of your efforts ensures that the seniors in our area receive nutritious meals, support, and companionship, enabling them to live their lives with dignity and independence. Board Members

Local Participants

A huge thanks to our local participants. Through your continued patronage, you have become a vital part of our extended family! Your gratitude, appreciation, and kindness have been remarkable, and they continue to inspire us every day. In challenging times, it is easy to feel isolated, but your constant engagement with our program uplifts us as well as other recipients who may be going through similar experiences. Thank you for your invaluable trust and support.

The Incredible Staff

Behind every successful Meals on Wheels program is a team of committed staff members who work tirelessly to make a difference. Sierra Senior Services’ staff is instrumental in coordinating all aspects of the program, from client enrollment and meal preparation to logistics and delivery. Their dedication and hard work are invaluable, ensuring seniors receive nutritious meals promptly, regardless of weather conditions or other challenges. Meet the Staff

Culinary Delights by the Chef

At the heart of Meals on Wheels is the delicious and nutritious food prepared with love by the organization’s talented chef. Sierra Senior Services is fortunate to have a chef who goes above and beyond to create meals that not only meet dietary requirements but also bring joy and satisfaction to seniors’ lives. The culinary expertise and attention to detail ensure that each meal is a delight for the senses, contributing greatly to the overall quality of the program. Meet David Lutz, Nutrition Program Coordinator

The Supportive Community

Sierra Senior Services is deeply grateful to the Truckee community and beyond, whose compassion and generosity have fortified our efforts. By rallying together, neighbors and local businesses provide essential support, collecting in fundraising events, organizing food drives, and increasing community awareness. The collective dedication and engagement ensure that warm meals reach everyone in need, fostering a stronger, more caring community.

We Give Thanks!

This Thanksgiving, as we gather to express our gratitude, let us extend our heartfelt appreciation to the volunteers, donors, staff, chef, and the entire Truckee community whose support sustains Sierra Senior Services’ Meals on Wheels program. By working together, we can continue to nourish the bodies and spirits of our seniors, ensuring they feel valued, respected, and cared for throughout the year. Meals on Wheels is a remarkable example of compassion in action, reminding us of the power we hold in making a positive impact on our society.

From the bottom of our hearts, we express our deepest gratitude for embracing Sierra Senior Services and allowing us to be a part of your lives. Together, we will continue to enhance the quality of life for seniors in our community.

Sierra Senior Services is the local Meals on Wheels provider covering the Greater Truckee/Lake Tahoe region. We provide home-delivered meals and can make referrals for additional support services that empower seniors to continue living independently. Sierra Senior Services is a California 501-(c)-3 Non-profit Corporation · Tax ID 68-0484075 Contribute today!