The Benefits of Supporting Non-Profits

Reasons to Give

Why Give? That is the question. For some, it is a moral decision that stems from faith or derived from the ethics of society. For others, it is a golden rule, giving now to be given to later. For many, it is because they don’t have time to offer and for some, a tax deduction. No matter your reasons, we rely on your gift and appreciate your help. This season, we ask that you consider giving to Sierra Senior Services. Below is a list of quotes derived from donors sharing the benefits of giving. Do you hear yourself in any of these quotes?

We Need Your Help

Sierra Senior Services asks you to consider giving to us to help seniors receive the food they need. Now is the season of giving and the older adults in our community require our help. Funding from the government covers only 30 percent of our operating costs. We rely on fundraising, private donations and foundation grants to fill in the rest. We rely on you.

Sierra Senior Services doesn’t often ask for contributions. This time of year is a little crazy because our only fundraising event is the Spaghetti Dinner and Bingo Event on January 25. After that, we stop asking for money. We know that there are many non-profits you can choose from, but we ask that you consider also the older members of your own community. The money you give not only provides food for our seniors, but also brings a smile to the face of every person for whom we provide meals. Thank you for considering Sierra Senior Services. We wish you a joyous Holiday Season!

Sierra Senior Services is the local Meals on Wheels provider covering 860 miles of the Greater Truckee/Lake Tahoe region. We provide home-delivered meals, community dining, and social connection, and coordinates additional support services that empower seniors to continue living independently. Recipients are individuals 60 years of age or older who have diminished capacity in at least two of the following areas: walking, transferring, standing, bathing, dressing, preparing a meal or mental competency, are eligible to participate. Sierra Senior Services is a California 501-(c)-3 Non-profit Corporation · Tax ID 68-0484075 Contribute today!